Heavy Psych



HEAVY PSYCH is Nebula fifth album released in 2009.
Album opener ‘Pulse’ is the quick, necessary burn of waste paper at the very tip of the joint; in itself, wholly unremarkable, but nonetheless enthralling purely on the basis that it leads the way to much, much better things. Phased guitarscapes, and hollow, echoing vocals, swirling in misshapen musical clouds that breeze through ‘The Dagger’ and just as that first real hit of Morocco’s finest clamps onto your grey matter, ‘Aphrodite’ kicks in. Dirty, sleazy and sexual, Eddie Glass’ whiskey soaked and strained voice oozes between caterwauling guitars and incessant, bludgeoning kick drums — the part of the joint you savour the most; the reward and further promise combining in a moment of sheer perfection.