Head Shop



Cat Nº: Wis014



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DO YOU WANT HEAD? BLOW YOUR MIND WITH THE HEAD SHOP ALBUM!” screams a commercial ad in New York’s Screw magazine in 1969. Here’s the audiophile produced vinyl reissue from the mastertape, including bios, photos and 7 bonus tracks. The album was produced and arranged by Milan, aka Rick Rodell, and Max Ellen, both professionals in the music business. The band had garagy roots and evolved from Household Sponge to The Head Shop. Milan’s project that time was Licorice Schtick.

This New York psychedelic underground project has its unique sound: soulful vocals, flying Hammond organ, fuzzy bass, distorted lead guitars, lots of percussive and weird–rhythm instruments, plus several unexpected stereo experiments. A highlight for sure is their haunted interpretation of Bobby Hebbs “Sunny”! – Conceptional, but also musically there are some parallels to Joe Meek and a major influence are The Beatles rawer and experimental period, not just because of the coverversion of ‘Revolution’.

Larry Coryell features as “wailing” guest musician on the track, ‘I Feel Love Comin’ On’. Also including the truly demented ‘Listen With The Third Ear’, this album with 9 musical chapters will lead you into new musical and audiophile dimensions of psychedelic and progressive music.