Great wall of China (LP+7″)



Recorded in 1971 and issued originally only in France by CBS, the first LP by post Spoils Of War band Mormos is a masterpiece of fabulous experimental psychedelic acid folk sounds and bizarre melodies. Influences from contemporaries such as The Incredible String Band are present, as are some resemblances to the recordings of other acts like Comus or Dr. Strangely Strange, but the Mormos sound creates unique athmospheres unheard in any other works of the era that can be fragile and weird in equal parts.

Jim Cuomo formed Mormos after his Spoils Of War project. The new group moved to France where they recorded two albums, “Great Wall Of China” being the first, now reissued in full glory in cooperation with Cuomo himself and with the upgrade of bonus tracks and a 7″ EP and, of course, an insert with some notes from Jim Cuomo.