Glue (Yellow)



Cat Nº: WIS018COL




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Limited edition on YELLOW vinyl. This is the re-release of World In Sound’s limited collectors edition from 2006. The core of Laghonia featured a combination of Peruvian and US citizens, Saul Cornejo (vocals, guitar), Manuel Cornejo (drums) and David Levene (lead guitar and vocals). All eight tunes on this album were released on 45s under the group’s earlier name New Juggler Sound. When the band changed its name into Laghonia in 1970, the ‘Glue’ album came out, with lyrics in English, great fuzz-wah-wah guitars, Hammond B-2 organ and appealing percussion. The music is catchy psychedelic rock’n’roll, influenced by the British Invasion, especially the Beatles and Yardbirds, but also explodes with heavy guitar riffage/solos in the vein of Santana, Cream or Hendrix. The album is remastered from the mastertape and includes a poster with a bio and band pics. Both Laghonia LP’s, ‘Glue’ and ‘EtCetera’, belong to the most legendary and most collectable South-American ’70s albums!