Five Day Rain



Cat Nº: SOMM064D


Fabulous UK psych & proto prog, recorded in 1970 at IBC Studios (Factory, Who, etc) and originally pressed only as a handful of ultra-rare test pressings. Melodic vocals, killer Hammond + distorted guitar and fabulous songs. With connections to Scots Of St James, Hopscotch, Fleur De Lys, Glencoe, Studd Bump…Remastered sound, insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos / memorabilia. New artwork by artist Sara Gossett.

Five Day Rain was formed when Rick Sharpe (guitar), Clive Shepherd (bass) & Dick Hawkes (drums), from power trio Iron Prophet, met organ player Graham Maitland (Scots of St. James, Hopscotch, Fleur De Lys…). The original intended name for this new band, “The Entire Building Is About To Collapse”, was soon discarded in favor of Five Day Rain.

Thanks to a mutual friend, they were recruited by the producer / engineer team of Brian Carroll & Damon Lyon-Shaw, famous for their work at IBC Studios with some of the top bands from the Sixties. Drummer Dick was replaced by Kim Haworth and sessions for the FDR album began at IBC in late 1969. Guitar player John Holbrook (Baba Scholae) was invited to play some leads and the great Sharon Tandy and members of America did some backing vocals.

The result was a perfectly recorded and executed finished album comprised of 10 songs. Showcasing the stellar work of Rick and Graham on guitar/organ on tracks like “Marie’s A Woman” and the long instrumental “Rough Cut Marmalade” , the FDR sound is a great example of the transition from post-mod psychedelia to early prog.

Once the album was finished and a few test pressings in blank sleeves pressed, the whole project was abandoned due to some disagreements with the producer, so the album was never actually released.

In the late 80s, copies of the original test pressing were discovered by psych collectors and bootleg reissues appeared on the collectors market. It wasn’t until 2006 that an official reissue, done with involvement from the band members, was released by the Nightwings label from Italy. After many years out of print, we present a long overdue new vinyl edition of the Five Day Rain album.

Side A:
A1. Marie’s A Woman – A2. Don’t Be Mislead – A3. Good Year – A4. Rough Cut Marmalade – A5. Lay Me Down
Side B:
B1. Leave It At That – B2. The Reason Why – B3. Sea Song – B4. Fallout – B5. Too Much Of Nothing