Fede speranza caritá (Purple)



Cat Nº: AMS LP27P



J.E.T. is very popular among Italian music collectors because from their ashes came the commercial pop group Matia Bazar, and also among prog collectors because of their LP rarity. Jet (or J.E.T. as their name was usually written) were formed in Genova at the beginning of the 70’s from a previous band of the same name that also included later members of another pop band, Ricchi e Poveri.
Their first album, “Fede speranza carità”, released in 1972, derives from a radical turn in their musical style, to the then popular progressive rock, and is a very good album, with strong hard rock influences and falsetto vocals but with nice use of organ and a solid rhythm section, as in the long “Sinfonia per un re” that sometimes reminds of New Trolls’ multivocal parts and “Il prete e il peccatore”.
In 1974 the band added a female voice (Antonella Ruggiero) and a new drummer (Giancarlo Golzi from Museo Rosenbach) changing name to Matia Bazar and starting a very long and successful career that still lasts today.