This is Erlkoenig’s self titled eponymous album rereleased, originally published as a private pressing in 1973. The recordings are new remastered and album comes with an informative insert and rare photos. Musically erlkoenig played classically influenced symphonic rock with hints of Krautrock and little reminiscences of the beat era. The music is dominated by the unique sound qualities of the keyboards played by Eckhard Freynik, musically mastermind and band leader. The range critics have heard on the album includes Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Ekseption and a little bit more “arty “John Lennon. The vocals are typical for the time and style nevertheless the band is clearly at their best during the long instrumental parts. “Thoughts” brings some exciting playing on various keyboards especially electric piano and organ. “Blind alley” is another highlight with slightly up-tempo instrumental keyboard dominated symphonic rock but the absolute highlight is delivered by the last piece of the album “Divertimento”. This piece begins almost like classical piano concerto and then built up quite nicely to a fabulous Progtrack. Very classical and for sure the bands finest and most refind moment. After six years with the same line-up the band called it a day in 1977. Their eponymous album for a long time has had a reputation in Kraut – Rock circles as an underground classic. erlkoenig offers largely instrumental music that is one part symphonic rock (Think Trespass – Era Genesis) and one part psychedelic rock. Although it’s a private pressing with a small budget and recorded in a short time it’s a real classic album of the genre. Don’t miss it. Secret tip! Limited edition!