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Dschinn were a 1970s German krautrock band with a classic energetic hard rock sound. Their only album was originally released in 1972 on Bacillus Records, a self-titled release with the artists involved being Peter Lorenz on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, Bernd Capito on lead guitar, vocals, Silvio Verfürth on bass, vocals and Jacky Paltoglou and Uli Mund on drums, percussion. The music is vintage ’70s, with heavy guitars and an emphasis on lead breaks and riffs, with dynamic drumming and powerful lead vocals. “Album opener ‘Freedom’ certainly caught my attention the first time I heard it with the opening loud spacey sounds before it kicks in hard with riffs, drums and bass. Rough vocals follow in this catchy and melodic track that is contrasted with the crazy vocals and that grungy sound. Some backing vocals here as well and I like the two instrumental breaks. Those high-pitched spacey sounds from the start end it. A top three. ‘Fortune’ is another top three and it has an almost Sabbath-like feel with the low-end intro then the vocals join in and they quiver. This song has a Cream-like sound including the vocals at times. Nice guitar solo before 1 1/2 minutes followed by a vocal melody. I like how prominent the bass is and we get a big finish. ‘I’m In Love’ has some killer bass and drum work throughout and the vocals kick in early. Again the instrumental breaks are fantastic with the upfront bass and guitar leading the way. ‘Train’ is a bluesy number with harmonica. I like the train-like rhythm at 2 1/2 minutes after the vocals stop. ‘Let’s Go Together’ is the shortest tune at just over 3 minutes and it opens with a cymbal clash followed by a catchy beat as bass and vocals join in. The harmonica comes and goes. ‘Smile Of The Devil’ is my other top three. It’s actually quite laid back with the focus on the vocals. Some cool lyrics to this one. ‘I Wanna Know’ is a great contrast to the previous track as it kicks in hard from the get-go. Aggressive guitar and drums as passionate vocals join in. “I wanna know how much time it will take, I wanna know when will the world get a better shake”. Kicking ass right here with a nice scream to end it. ‘Are You Ready’ is probably the most commercial sounding track, it’s hard not to move to this one. Fuzzy guitars, pounding drums and those great vocals lead the way. I like when he stops singing before 1 1/2 minutes and the tempo picks up. Excellent bass lines and ripping guitar here with those driving drums. The music of this album is really great hard rock music with some progressive elements.” The album comes with 1 bonus track, was newly remastered and contains comprehensive band story by bassist Silvio Verfürth and a lot of rare photos. Great record. Tip!