Curtiss Maldoon (4 bonus tracks)



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After playing in Bodast with future Yes guitarist Steve Howe, Dave Curtiss and Clive Maldoon formed blues-rock duo Curtiss Maldoon, their self-titled debut released on Deep Purple’s label, Purple Records, in 1971. For the LP, the pair was backed by top session players including Mighty Baby’s drummer, Roger Powell, as well as Howe on the final track; contemplative folk-rock track “Sepheryn” would later be immortalized in altered form by Madonna as techno classic “Ray Of Light,” but is included here in all its original glory, along with four rare bonus tracks from the same sessions, left off the original release, making this expanded reissue the best way to experience the band at their finest.
Limited vinyl reissue on 180gr vinyl, featuring 4 bonus tracks.