Come in un’Ultima Cena (Green)



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Given that Banco del Mutuo Soccorso’s debut album dates back to 1972 and that “Come in un’ultima cena”, the band’s sixth LP, was released in 1976, we can only draw a simple conclusion: very few, or perhaps no one else, were able to produce extremely high quality works of art in such a short time. Even at the peak of their creativity, in ’76 Banco has already exceeded any expectation with an English-language album (“Banco”, 1975) and a soundtrack (“Garofano Rosso”, 1976) and, with unprecedented inspiration, produces a yet newest testimony of uniqueness.
“Come in un’ultima cena” has been superficially branded by many as a more commercial and less progressive rock record than the previous ones, given the absence of particularly long tracks and, on the other hand, the presence of more catchy melodies. If listened carefully, we can just highlight how Banco was, at that time, still delivering a unique sound and complex musical structures, as they always used to mix rock and classical music in an inimitable way. Francesco Di Giacomo’s unique voice, more than simple lyrics, sings of poetry, which in this case reveal a certain melancholic mood, as indicating that a musical and historical period was about to end definitively.