Colour Your Mind (Expanded Mind Edition) digital



Cat Nº: GUESS155D


Trippy ’60s-styled psychedelia from Australia!

Originally issued as a 12″ mini-album in 1986, Tyrnaround’s ‘Colour Your Mind’ has become a touchstone of 1980s Neo-Psychedelia and almost certainly one of the best records of the second psychedelic era.
Influenced by classic ’60s British Psychedelia it was also inspired by The Dukes of Stratosphear’s ’25-O-Clock’ and perhaps exceeds that record’s trip factor with the acid infused title track (featured on Amorphous Androgynous ‘Wizards of Oz’ Compilation and also famously covered by Vibravoid) blending searing acid fuzz guitar, swirling keyboards, surreal lyrics and sumptuous early Floyd like harmonies.
Now expanded to a full length LP, including all the bands singles as well as the rare Freakbeat Magazine 45 ‘Paragon-Smythe’ (featuring the never released before unedited version), this could be seen as Tyrnaround’s perfect debut album.

“Gorgeous, loopy melodies and harmonies, wonderful Seeds-esque organs and frazzled acid guitars”
– Psychedelic Psauna blogspot

“A musical conglomerate of everything that you ever liked about ’60s psychedelia particularly the UK brand”
– Freakbeat Magazine

Tracklist: A1. Colour Your Mind – A2. Francis – A3. Uncle Sidney – A4. Paragon-Smythe – B1. Carrol By Candlelight – B2. Suicidal Flowers – B3. Want Of A Rhyme – B4. Uncle Jack – B5. Hello Or Goodbye
Digital-only bonus tracks: 10. Colour Your Mind (4-track demo) – 11. Want Of A Rhyme – 12. Pictures of Matchstick Men (4-track demo) – 13. Astronomy Domine – 14. Paragon-Smythe (7″ version) – 15. Theme From Dr. Who (Live at Shake Some Action Club)