Çoban Mamos



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Turkish Bar or Bengi folk dancing requires approximately 100 people to do properly, and it helps if a lot of them are eating wedding cake. You put your arms around the shoulders of the people on either side of you, and then stomp around in a circle, facing in and kicking the air, until everybody is exhausted and happy. Far away from any folklore festivals, Derdiyoklar hand-built the soundtrack to this dancing as it was drunkenly executed by luckless German-Turkish immigrants in the fashion-insensitive 80s. And though the band had only two members, they decided electric saz, synthesized drums, cimbalom, and sheep sound effects were all needed to get the job done. Who could argue? This tinkly and psychoactive album, full of uniquely odd overdubs and buzzy, flanged-out guitar solos, can now be yours. First time ever reissue. Sound taken from mastertapes, insert with liner notes,180gr vinyl.

Tracklist:Çoban Mamos – Garip modalar – Korkirem balam – Baris Içinde – Sen degil bagim – Dom dom kursunu – Kötüler ermez menzile – Kanser – Kara üzüm habbesi – Elin memleketi bize yar olmaz – Gözlerin bakipta görmedgi – Derdigüzel aglama