Chica Ye-yé



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Born Concepción Velasco Varona in 1939, Concha Velasco is one of the big names of the Spanish stages and films. A dancer, singer, actress and TV host, she debuted as classic dancer in La Coruña Opera dance team, and also as a flamenco dancer in the Manolo Caracol Company.
Her acting career extends from his 1954 film debut to a couple of years ago when she retired, but during more than fifty years Velasco has been a regular in theatres and cinemas across Spain.


In her younger years she was known as Conchita Velasco, and parallel to her acting career she recorded a bunch of 45s aimed for the teenage audience of the Belter label. Her best songs are collected here, including her biggest hit Chica ye-yé – produced by Augusto Algueró – and Calor, which was rescued recently on the soundtrack of HBO’s Killing Eve TV series.


While keeping the pure tradition of ye-yé girl sounds so in vogue in 1960s Europe through the voices of Sylvie Vartan, France Gall, Caterina Caselli, Rita Pavone, Gelu, a.o., Velasco shows a more aggressive approach to singing as you are to discover in the LP you hold in your hand.


Side A:A1 Chica Ye yé – A2 Oh John – A3 Conchita – A4 400 Cartas de Amor – A5 Una Oportunidad – A6 Las Vegas – A7 Top Secret
Side B: B1 Calor – B2 ¡Oh, No! – B3 Hoy Como Ayer – B4 Beatnik – B5 Yo prefiero hacer calceta – B6 El Moreno de mi copla – B7 A tu manera