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In the story of Los Sanders, many sources can be found to understand the emergence of “chicha”, a style associated with the life of migrants in the city that saw its heyday in the 1980s, but also to understand the connections between youth music, “new ola”, and rock with tropical rhythms.
Los Sanders serve as a bridge between periods and styles, and their ability to adapt to musical genres and reinvent them has given them a unique style.
Los Sanders de Ñaña reflect a Lima that was transforming, giving way to a new face and a new urban soundtrack.
In the universe of Peruvian tropical music, one can distinguish a wide variety of styles. One of the most unique is known as the “carretero” style, also referred to as the “Carretera Central” sound, which alludes to the sound developed by a series of musical groups that became known during the 1970s in the areas surrounding this major highway.
At that time, this area received a large influx of migrants from the provinces who came to the capital in search of a better future. The initiators of this carretero style were Los Sanders de Ñaña, and following them, other groups emerged, not only creating a unique style but also establishing a circuit.