Brown Acid: The Fourth Trip (COL)



Cat Nº: EZRDRLP077




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If you thought we were getting close to the end of the Brown Acid series with our last Trip, you were dead wrong…we’re only just getting rolling. The well of privately released hard rock, heavy psych, and proto-metal 45s is deep and we are nowhere near tapped out. Most of these records were barely released and never properly distributed so they ain’t easy to find, but they’re out there if you’re willing to dig…and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. Hard calluses have formed from handling the shovel and we’ve sifted through a lot of dirt, but we’ve dug up another ten tremendous records to share with all the heavy heads out there. This volume brings together eight insanely rare and skull-crushingly heavy 45s as well as two previously unreleased bangers.


Tracklist: 1. Kanaan – Leave It 2. Stone Garden – Oceans Inside Me 3. Headstone – Carry Me On 4. Wrath – Rock N’ Roll Fever 5. Bungi – Numbers 6. Erving Forbush – The Train 7. Zekes – Coming Back 8. Bad Axe – Coachman 9. Ash – Warrant 10. Axas – Lucifer