Beach-o-rama vol. 2 (LP+CD)



Cat Nº: VID06




Summer’s finally here. No more jukeboxes and smoky bars, long live turntables on the beach, with rubber rings and frisbees… The black vinyl crepe, like the wheel of fortune, never stops spinning, carried along by a music full of life, love and good vibes. Today just as in 1957, the ideal soundtrack for this coastal excursion is call. “Beach-o-rams”… Volume Two! J. Cuba ain’t lying when he Latin-jazzily proclaims “We’re going to a party… oh yeah, oh yeah!, festive, laidback ambiance and the convertible’s top is down. Your hair in the wind, you take off in the company of Wes Dakus and his surf guitars. On the long smooth straightaway, enjoy the first acceleration with Little Esther duetting with Big Al Downing. Foot on the floor with the brass of Les Brown Jr. who keeps the feverish rhythm flowing. Then a brief vertiginous detour with the rockabilly of Wayne Walker, before rocketing straight off again with the RnB of The Triumphs and The Johnny Otis Show. Now you’re flying! Entering the home stretch, The Majestic’s saxophone races away, Ken Jones’ piano goes crazy! Luckily Link Wray’s surf mambo allows the engine to cool down, as you get ready to soak in the world’s most beautiful sunset…