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The name of the band and the cover of the disc explicitly reveal the influence: Secos&Molhados. Investing in androgenia, progressive rock and samba-soul, Assim Assado tried to be a response of the small CID label to the enormous success that the Secos&Molhados did to the young public. Led by Miguel de Deus (formerly Os Brazões), who signed most of the compositions and assumed the guitar and vocals, the group never took off, leaving only this LP, now almost forgotten. Curiosity: in 1977 Miguel de Deus falls headlong into funk, casting the rather interesting (and rare) “Black Soul Brothers” Also repressed on Groovie Records.
Band formed by Miguel de Deus in 1974, inspired by the Secos&Molhados and making clear both in the name, which is copied from a song of Secos&Molhados, both on the cover of the band’s only album. Also the visual was well androgen but the Music, a mixture of psychedelic, Progressive and a strong touch of Brazilian Soul music. The only album that had the same name as the band, did not get repercussion despite presenting a lot of quality. Now the repress of this rare pearl brings to the light the huge talent of Miguel De Deus.