Amor y Libertad



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Sexadelic disco-funk, boogie and Italo sounds by Spanish actress, singer and Sex Goddess SUSANA ESTRADA.

“Amor y Libertad” (Love and Freedom), was originally released on the Belter sub-label Sauce in 1981. Produced by Cosmic Disco pioneer Josep Llobell (Oliver’s Planet, Enterprise), this is a real fest of 80s Italo Disco, Munich Sound, Boogie, Funk and Modern Soul. The fabulous, minimal production of Llobell collides with the sensual vocals and moanings of Susana, singing about sexual liberation and freedom. Of course, when the album was originally released, nobody understood it. Criminally underrated for many years, “Amor y Libertad” has now become a cult item in the international Cosmic Disco scene.

In 2017, we released on Espacial Discos a Susana Estrada compilation, “The Sexadelic Disco-Funk Sound Of…”, which included most of the tracks from “Amor y Libertad”, now out of print on vinyl.

Due to high demand, we present here the first ever vinyl reissue of “Amor y Libertad” with the original tracklist and artwork, including a colour insert with photos and memorabilia.

*Master tape sound

*Colour insert with photos and memorabilia

Tracklist: A1. Mi Chico Favorito – A2. ¡Ven! – A3. Lograremos Volar – A4. ¡Gózame Ya! – A5. ¡Qué Calor! – B1. Arena Y Mar – B2. ¡Quítate El Sostén! – B3. Un Sitio Bajo El Sol – B4. Hagámoslo Juntos – B5. Voy Desnuda