Almost Heathen



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Almost Heathen is Karma To Burn third album, released in 2001 via Spitfire Records. Heavy Psych Sounds is giving new life to this stoner rock gem with 6 live bonus tracks!

“Groove laden, instrumental stoner(ish) rock. Not stoner metal, that is–the vibe is more of the “take a shot of whiskey and jump in the mosh pit” variety than “smoke a bowl and space out on the couch”. The energy level is high, with a precision-engineered rhythm section and disciplined guitars that swerve, stop, and start to match. The tracks on this album are pretty interchangeable, in that they are consistently well-made and will induce rhythmic head nods of approval if this is your kind of thing. Not having a vocalist means they never stay in one place too long. They allow themselves to get a little spacy and chilled-out in the last track. Turn it up and hit the wayback machine to 2001.” – Altavist KFJC