Algy Lord Gray (CD)



like a once in an Epoch convergence of characters from Buckeridge, Crompton and Wodehouse all fresh from a 1969 Hawkwind gig whilst channeling the very Muse who normally visits Ray Davies of the Kinks. Berties godlike majesty is unparalleled in pop. Trouncing other concept lp like Arthur, Tommy and SF Sorrow, Bertie can only make sense to the Elite Prog Collectors of Sainted Albion, and requires the listener to have cultural reference points such as Eric Sykes, Biggles, James Joyce, Dame Margaret Cavendish, Dandelion & Burdock and the Gin Trap. Only 50 were made with hand sprayed covers, some cunningly entitled ‘Harry’. Later these adepts recorded ‘Deadfire Echoes’ in a mansion in Wales, forthcoming on Seelie Court and the greatest discovery in the history of Rock.