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Vecchio’s Afro-Rock is one big horn-heavy, bass-blasting, Latin groove funk-rock party. Only now, you’re all invited because this, ladies and gentleman, is officially…a grail no more. With copies currently starting at 400 Euros for an original, this beautifully presented reissue, part of Be With’s fresh campaign with Music De Wolfe, is well overdue. A magnificent and somewhat obscure library set that’s just a total, cohesive joy from start to finish, this here is the soundtrack to all your smokin’ summer BBQs and communal cookouts.
Afro-Rock is the debut album by Argentine keyboardist Luis Vecchio. Recorded for the sound library label De Wolfe, the album is frequently mentioned in hushed reverence among the beat digger DJ collecting crowd. It features fiery brass charts, funky bass lines, fluttering flute, choppy organ and additional hand tribal percussion. The band let loose too and jam hard; yet there’s a certain thread of solidity that runs throughout, the tracks just belong together, not disparate sound and rhythm experiments like some library records; this is just straight up, no messin’, consistent funk-rock FIRE! Hips will sway, heads will nod to the steady vibes. It’s insanely good.