Acqua e Sapone






Following our releases of Bianco Rosso e Verdone and Sono pazzo di Iris Blond OSTs, we are glad to announce a new tribute to the music for the great cinema of Carlo Verdone with the release on vinyl of the original motion picture soundtrack of Acqua e sapone, composed by Maestro Fabio Liberatori, the artist who features the greatest number of collaborations with the Roman director. Shot in 1983 it’s the story of Rolando Ferrazza (Verdone) who, stolen the identity of Father Spinelli, finds a job as private teacher for Sandy Wash (Natasha Hovey), a young teen-ager model with whom he will soon fall in love. The story will come to a bitter-sweet conclusion, in the typical style of its director, for sure more bitter than sweet, with the unavoidable separation of the two lovers and the return to normal life, now permanently marked by the experience.
A movie that, like many others shot by Verdone, was a landmark of an era, portrayed through the humanity of it protagonists, their forbidden dreams, great delusions and tragic daily life, everything narrated through a biting poetic style and delicate irony in a guise that made Verdone’s cinema a unique genre. The wonderful music by Fabio Liberatori, previously partially available through a compilation dedicated to his soundtracks, now finally released for the first time in a complete edition dedicated to this score with a great electronic frame, a sound that the musician skillfully masters chiseling a series of moods throughout the story. A soundtrack which deserved since too many time a full edition, at the dawn of its 40th year of age, now available in this deluxe release, featuring a 180 grams colored vinyl with the wonderful original artwork by Renato Casaro on the cover, with the two protagonists’ faces.
This release has been possible through the collaboration with Cecchi Gori which gave access to Maestro Fabio Liberatori’ score, remastered under his supervision by Gianrico La Rosa, and with Sony Music Italy which authorized us to add STADIO’s songs, “Acqua e Sapone” and “C’é”, which could not be missing from a tribute to this movie.
Editing by Claudio Fuiano, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini, limited edition to 500 copies.