A midsummer’s night dream (CD)



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First ever legit reissue of one the rarest psych-folk albums from the UK, originally released in 1971 as a private edition of 99 copies. Oberon consisted of seven young musicians who met while studying at Radley College in Oxford. Influenced by Fairport Convention, Pentangle, King Crimson, Incredible String Band, Sandy Denny and such, they created this stunning piece of progressive folk. Fantastic sound and recording quality, killer flute, guitar, violin, haunting vocals and medieval atmosphere.

Digitally remastered by band member / sound engineer Jeremy Birchall, sounding better than ever.Fold-out insert with extensive liner notes and rare pictures.

“At one point the UK’s most valuable folk album, this has a dark, claustrophobic sound, heightened by eerie, acid-induced lyrics. Probably the most notable track is “Minas Tirith”, a sinister extended psych-folk excursion which suddenly explodes into a bizarre and metallic (in the literal sense) drum solo. Also notable are “The Hunt”, a strange piece of progressive-folk and a doomy opening version of “Nottamun Town”. – Richard Falk (Galactic Ramble)

“From the murkiest crypts of the progressive folk underground comes this extraordinary LP, with a sound and atmosphere like nothing else. At least one of the few copies pressed should be preserved in the British Museum” – Patrick Lundborg (Galactic Ramble)

Tracklist: Nottamun Town – Peggy – The Hunt – Syrinx – Summertime – Time Past, Time Come – Minas Tirith – Epitaph