1980-81 Complete Studio Collection



Cat Nº: DAY09VS



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We turn our attention to the first formation of the band, including all their studio recordings conducted during 1980 and 1981. The Business were formed during this period by the ubiquitous Micky Fitz on vocals, Steve Kent on guitar, Martin Smith on bass and Nick Cunningham on drums; the most surprising aspect of this period is the contrast between the usual street-punk sound of some songs as “Suburban Rebels”, “No Emotions” or “Richard Lewis” and the much more pop-oriented tunes like the magnificent “Out in the Cold” or “Streets Where you Live” that fall closer to the sound of mod revival bands than other punkoi! bands of the time. On A side you will find the 7 tracks that were officially published (on singles and compilation LPs) while the flip side features the band’s demo recordings. This release features an inner sleeve with information about all the recording sessions compiled on this album and also previously unseen graphic material.

Tracklist A1 – Out In The Cold A2 – Streets Where You Live A3 – Harry May A4 – National Insurance Blacklist A5 – Suburban Rebels A6 – Product A7 – Step Into Christmas B1 – Strangers (Demo) B2 – Unevenly Pretty (Demo) B3 – Out In The Cold (Demo) B4 – 19 (Demo) B5 – No Emotions (Demo) B6 – Dayo (Demo) B7 – Richard Lewis (Demo)