• The - Suavesito (7") - FETEN DISCOS (7") | Guerssen

    The Black Chillies are the spiciest cocktail of rock'n'roll, latin surf and R&B. From Salamanca (Spain) they return with the wildest saxophonic fantasies to make you lose control with this sip of hi-energy instrumental. ''Suavesito!'' Enter soft and hit hard. The Black Chillies present their first...

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    BLACK CHILLIES, The - Suavesito (...) - 7"

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  • Desumanos' fresh mixture of guitar driven melodies is as evocative as it is playful. From their native Brazil, the band casts uncompromising surf scents on a handful of songs that also drop in the mix African rhythms, cumbia and lambada. This instrumental project is made up of a dream-team of...

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    DESUMANOS - Desumanos - LP

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  • Los - Nunca / Saeta (7") - LA MAQUINA INFERNAL (7") | Guerssen

    Los Malinches have a very particular sound. They put together all the 60s & 70s South American Garage, Beat Go-go and Psych. Nunca, is a Tropicalia Psych trip and surrealistic Pop. A dancefloor killer. Saeta is like seeing the light in the end of the tunnel. Surrounding rhythm and sounds from the...

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    MALINCHES, Los - Nunca / Saeta (...) - 7"

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  • Two years after their first major release on Nice Guys, the band Marcoca returns with a new full-length album Cosmic Blunder. It originated out of the urge to merge new psychedelic sounds with elements of funk, jazz and surf rock, while keeping the stuff that worked on the first record in place....

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    MARCOCA - Cosmic Blunder - LP

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  • 75

    As we continue our half-joke-verbal agreement of "one album per year" with Taner Öngür, here we go with "Water Cycle". Like many musician in the world, lock down home, early 2020 Taner Öngür got back to his own song books and merge them with some new ideas and brought us this exceptional...

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    ONGUR & 43,75, Taner - Water Cycle (2x (...) - VARIOUS VINYL

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  • PALMIYELER - II (Venus) (Splatter LP) - TANTANA RECORDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Palmiyeler's first full length (originally released in 2017) is back as an updated gatefold cover. Palmiyeler invites you for a drink by wavy beaches where you can enjoy their fun-psych-surf-pop sounds with serious lyrics darken by Istanbul's genuine chaos.

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    PALMIYELER - II (Venus) (...) - LP

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  • The - Play (Clear) - DESTINATION MOON (LP) | Guerssen

    In the early 1960s, the high school students who made up the legendary surf rock outfit The Surfaris scored an incredible hit with their debut instrumental, 'Wipeout,' and its sung B-side 'Surfer Joe' would be belatedly hailed as a classic, but the circumstances of the hit's reissue by Dot led to a...

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    SURFARIS, The - Play (Clear) - LP

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  • The - Escapades In Space - TOPAZ HIT (LP) | Guerssen

    First time on vinyl. Recorded in 2008. One of the best Space-Surf albums of this century.Limited edition of 300 copies

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    SURFITES, The - Escapades In Space - LP

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  • Lovingly compiled by El Vidocq, boasting the same impeccably cool artwork as the earlier Strip-O-Rama and Shake-O-Rama comps! This time you're melodiously transported to a sun-drenched beach for endless summer boogying. Instrumental and voiced boogaloo, twist, rock'n'roll and surf songs furiously...

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    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Beach-o-rama (...) - LP

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  • Summer's finally here. No more jukeboxes and smoky bars, long live turntables on the beach, with rubber rings and frisbees... The black vinyl crepe, like the wheel of fortune, never stops spinning, carried along by a music full of life, love and good vibes. Today just as in 1957, the ideal...

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    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Beach-o-rama vol. 2 (...) - LP

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  • For over three years now, El Vidocq's mischievous compilations have lent rhythm to the passing seasons. Summer's not yet upon us, but the indefatigable human jukebox has already prepared your audio sun lotion. Our star pupil has conjugated 'sun' and 'fun', scoring stellar marks in all styles with...

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    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Beach-o-rama vol. 3 (...) - LP

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  • VARIOUS ARTISTS - Sabor Surf - EL PALMAS MUSIC (LP) | Guerssen

    The album that you now enjoy has been compiled by El Palmas & El Drágon Criollo an begins with the theme that every afternoon, starting at 6 O'clock, all the youth of Caracas waited anxiously: "Introduction Theme" by Los Supersónicos was the wake-up call to introduce the charge of surfing that...

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    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Sabor Surf - LP

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  • Link - Law of the jungle - SUNDAZED (CD) | Guerssen

    Link's legendary 64 Swan demos, shelved in 64 but now corralled in this one amp-melting collection From the original Swan mono masters. New liner notes and more. Tracks: Rumble / Bo Diddley / Ace of Spades / Oh What A Price / 5-10-15-20 (Can Your Monkey Do the Dog) / Run Boy Run / Mustang / Deuces...

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    WRAY, Link - Law of the jungle - CD

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