• Recorded in 1988 but not released until 1993, Forever and a Day was the first full-length album by our favorite NYC jingle-jangle mop-tops, full of mid-60s sounding garagey folk-rock. Out of print for many years, here's a long overdue vinyl reissue with band-sanctioned new artwork and remastered...

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    OPTIC NERVE - Forever And A Day - LP

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  • Formed in New York in 1985, The Optic Nerve were children of Nuggets who dreamed about the Velvet Underground but looked like the Byrds. Their take on '65-66 jangly garage-folk-rock was unrivalled. Lotta Nerve collects their fabulous early 45s plus studio tracks for what should have been their...

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    OPTIC NERVE - Lotta Nerve - LP

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  • OPTIC NERVE - Forever And A Day (...) - LP

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  • The - The Silverbeats (Transparent Coke) - LION (LP) | Guerssen

    "The first time I saw the SilverBeats... the band took the cramped stage at the window near the front door. Fronted by James Tessier, who appeared to be the missing link between The Standells, the band's sound was simple, fuzzy and perfect. These cats were no strangers to reverb. Tess' original...

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    SILVERBEATS, The - The Silverbeats (...) - LP

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  • Here's for the real thing! A late 60s Japanese compilation investigating the so-called "group sound" movement. Includes early recordings by a series of musicians later to perform with legendary bands such as the Flower Travellin' Band, Speed Glue & Shinki, Les Rallizes Denudes and Foodbrain. Must...

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    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Sixties Japanese (...) - LP

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