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  • Chico - Chico Bernardes - MAPACHE (LP) | Guerssen

    Chico Bernardes is a singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist from São Paulo, Brazil. In his first and self-titled record, 'Chico Bernardes' has arranged and recorded all the instruments, with the support of Gui Jesus Toledo from SELO RISCO and owner of Estúdio Canoa, where the recordings...

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    BERNARDES, Chico - Chico Bernardes - LP

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  • CATCH PRICHARD - I Still Miss Theresa Benoit - CATCH PRICHARD (LP) | Guerssen

    "The Oakland band's darkly psychedelic country-folk suggests things on the verge of collapse... appealingly overwrought, its sweetness curdling into menace like Twin Peaks gone spaghetti western..." - PITCHFORK Catch Prichard's newest release, I Still Miss Theresa Benoit (2021), is their most...

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    CATCH PRICHARD - I Still Miss (...) - LP

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  • "Ela", Dom La Nena's first album, was released in 2013. Co-produced with the complicity of Piers Faccini, the album received the highest praise from the international press (New York Times, NPR, Les Inrocks, Wall Street Journal, etc). On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its release, here is...

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    DOM LA NENA - Ela - LP

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  • Bert - Crimson Moon (Red vinyl) - EARTH (LP) | Guerssen

    The 2000 full-length by British folk legend Bert Jansch, reissued on RED VINYL including a download. 'Crimson Moon' features guest appearances from Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler and many others.

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    JANSCH, Bert - Crimson Moon (Red (...) - LP

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  • Alberto - Claroscuro - GREYHEAD (LP) | Guerssen

    New second longplayer after his celebrated debut a few years back. Psychedelic, latin folk-rock....great stuff.....

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    MONTERO, Alberto - Claroscuro - LP

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  • Traditional Christmas songs done in psych-folk-rock style by Pigmy.

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    PIGMY - Villancicos (...) - 7"

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  • After a few years in the making and good 'ole maceration, Spanish folk duo Marta & Mauri, SonLosGrillos, deliver us their third album, Garden of Clouds. A melodic goldsmith work recorded at their home studio in Javea, Alicante, beneath the shadow of the magic Montgó mountain. Rich and colored in...

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    SON LOS GRILLOS - Garden of Clouds - LP

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