• Piero - Atmospheres - MUSICA PER IMMAGINI (LP) | Guerssen

    "Atmospheres" is one of his most interesting Piero Umiliani's albums, published in a limited edition in the mid-Seventies. A period of musical confusion even though not for him, who had always been eclectic. The charming soundtracks for Luigi Scattini's documentaries were already behind him, as was...

    UMILIANI, Piero - Atmospheres - LP

    VAT included
  • Piero - L'Uomo Elettronico - FOUR FLIES (2LP) | Guerssen

    Twenty years ago, what is probably still the best collection of music by Piero Umiliani, "Musicaelettronica", was released on Easy Tempo (in our opinion, the finest Italian soundtrack label ever). The album, curated by Rocco Pandiani, focussed on the astonishing creative mastery with which...

    UMILIANI, Piero - L’Uomo (...) - 2LP

    VAT included
  • After the release of their critically acclaimed first album > (MENACE - 2020), Underground Canopy (UC) was able to take time, due to the unforeseen period of doubt in 2020, to craft new compositions with a fresh approach. Throughout this forced period of introspection, the Parisian band...


    VAT included
  • Edition of 400 copies. Laminated translucent sleeve, hand stamped (12"x12"). Complete with dossier including liner notes by Oscar Smit, band bios, photos and download code. All tracks on this record have been selected from the cassette series Oscar's X-mas Carols, originally released on Christmas...

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - X-mas Card from (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS - L'Embrasse (Amsterdam Arcane Tape Recordings '87) - EX MACHINA (LP) | Guerssen

    In the mid/late 80s, the European musical scene was formed in small social circles which eventually merged into the dominant culture made a lasting impression on the foundations of independent music in the old continent. Right in the heart of Europe we find a thriving city which, because of its...

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - L’Embrasse (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS - Iberian Set (2x LP - Special Edition) - DOMESTICA (2LP) | Guerssen

    To celebrate what will probably be the last release by Domestica before closing this 10-year cycle since its foundation, we have prepared this special edition of 75 numbered copies consisting of compilation albums Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 LP plus Abstracte: Barcelona Avantgarde & Industrial...

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Iberian Set (2x LP (...) - 2LP

    VAT included
  • This LP reveals the extraordinary diversity of research - almost all hidden - by Spanish musicians in the '50s and '60s.Those pieces were composed while the country was under the tyranny of Francisco Franco.It is truly the ultimate grail, developed by musicologist Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, he is...

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Five Spanish (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • Mexican rock had a strong renaissance in the eighties, when most bands, majorly coming from the prog scene, turned to Spanish language again. One of the big acts from that era was Jorge Reyes' led Chac Mool. Chac Mool counted on its ranks with Carlos Alvarado, who was an accomplished musician on...

    VIA LÁCTEA - Via Láctea - LP

    VAT included
  • VOXZEMA - Voxzema - DOMESTICA (10") | Guerssen

    Appeared from the alternative Italian stage in the late 80ies, Voxzema is one of the most unknown and peculiar bands in the european underground music scene. Despite not having launched any record before its early breakup, they did give a few concerts and, with some luck, you we'll be able to find...

    VOXZEMA - Voxzema - 10"

    VAT included
  • Erik - Traces - ABSTRAKCE RECORDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Finally the deserved reissue! A very limited edition of 300 copies of this 1985 masterpiece, remastered and presented in a renewed artwork. Berlin School synth sequences, American minimalism vibes, new age and oriental influences, guitar-synthesizers, genius arrangements... A masterpiece exploring...

    WOLLO, Erik - Traces - LP

    VAT included

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