• Complete recordings of this dutch band from the 60's. Their crude and agressive punk ballads remind me their neighbours Outsiders, songs like "By my side" and "Will you teach me how to love" are absolute winners! Comes with an insert containing an interview with Ton Maas, bass-player of the band.

    GROUP $OALL - Complete recordings (...) - 10"

    VAT included
  • Joan Reggae Drummer, based in the region of Catalonia in Spain, is a great lover of Jamaican music, at a very young age he began to be so passionate about drums that he created his first musical projects, among them, the band that was a turning point was The Pepper Pots. With 6 albums already...

    JOAN REGGAE DRUMMER - Dub Explosion (...) - 10"

    VAT included
  • Marvin - Tough Top Cat - SLEAZY RECORDS (10") | Guerssen

    Marvin Rainwater was one of those artists who was somewhere between country and rock'n'roll. And his style was perfectly adaptable to both genres without any problem.This album compiles some of his greatest hits in both ways, reflecting just how versatile Marvin could be.The country side includes...

    RAINWATER, Marvin - Tough Top Cat - 10"

    VAT included
  • SEQUENCER PEOPLE - Live At Roscoe Louie (10") - DOMESTICA (10") | Guerssen

    Sequencer People is one of the many projects which the prolific US duet formed by Roland Barker and James Husted carried out in the early eighties. Under this pseudonym, we just have the proof of a cassette recorded in 1982 by the independent American label Engram Records & Tapes, from Seattle,...

    SEQUENCER PEOPLE - Live At Roscoe (...) - 10"

    VAT included
  • VOXZEMA - Voxzema - DOMESTICA (10") | Guerssen

    Appeared from the alternative Italian stage in the late 80ies, Voxzema is one of the most unknown and peculiar bands in the european underground music scene. Despite not having launched any record before its early breakup, they did give a few concerts and, with some luck, you we'll be able to find...

    VOXZEMA - Voxzema - 10"

    VAT included
  • Barney - Un Témoin Dans la Ville - SAM RECORDS (10") | Guerssen

    Barney Wilen's career took off in 1957. That year he won the Django Reinhardt Award and recorded the soundtrack to the film 'Elevator to the Scaffold' with Miles Davis. In '59 he recorded the music for the film 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses' with Thelonious Monk and Art Blakey, and then composed the...

    WILEN, Barney - Un Témoin Dans la (...) - 10"

    VAT included
  • The - 1960-1976 (10") - MADMUA (10") | Guerssen

    450 COPIES NUMBERED, WITH A DIPTYCH AND FOUR POSTCARDS, ONE SIGNED BY THE BAND. The story of The Zara's, a musical group of five brothers and sisters (Marino, Kitty, Jesus, Toto and Anita) starts in Tafalla, Navarra, Spain, in the early fifties and ends in 1977 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. For...

    ZARA'S, The - 1960-1976 (...) - 10"

    VAT included

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