• After the release of the famous and all time classic double - album in 1970 on Plus the five - piece Tomorrow's Gift split up in 1971, but Manfred Rürup and Bernd Kiefer kept the band going. They recruited Zabba Lindner (drums) from Sphinx Tush and recorded "Goodbye Future" (1972) as a trio, an...

    TOMORROW'S GIFT - Goodbye Future - LP

    VAT included
  • Originally issued in 1970, the first album by German band Tomorrow's Gift is a true Krautrock classic. It contains long, powerful tracks with plenty of guitar, organ, flute and drum solos. And of course there are Ellen Meyer's strong vocals which bring to mind Frumpy's Inga Rumpf, or Janis Joplin....

    TOMORROW'S GIFT - Tomorrow’s (...) - 2LP

    VAT included
  • Tomorrows Gift first (double-) album is a true German Krautrock classic. Powerful long tracks with plenty of guitar, organ, flute and drum solos and of course with Ellen Meyers strong vocals, often compared with Inga Rumpf from Fumpy or Janis Joplin. Indeed Tomorrows Gift and Frumpy musically had a...

    TOMORROW'S GIFT - Tomorrow’s (...) - CD

    VAT included

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