SANDERS, Pharoah

  • Pharoah - Tauhid - AUDIO CLARITY (LP) | Guerssen

    Recorded November 15, 1966 at Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs - New Jersey, Tauhid is one of the most iconic album recorded by the tenor saxophonist. On his debut for Impulse ! the leader assembled an extraordinary line-up, defining the boundaries of the so-called spiritual jazz movement....

    SANDERS, Pharoah - Tauhid - LP

    VAT included
  • SANDERS, Pharoah - 1971/07/18 Oyster (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • Pharoah - Karma - AUDIO CLARITY (LP) | Guerssen

    Karma is Sanders' third recording as a leader, and is among a number of spiritually themed albums the Impulse! record label released in the late 1960s/early 1970s. Although it is followed by the brief "Colors", the album's main piece is the 32-minute-long "The Creator Has a Master Plan",...

    SANDERS, Pharoah - Karma - LP

    VAT included
  • Pharoah - Live at Antibes Jazz Festival in Juan-les-Pins Jul - ALTERNATIVE FOX (LP) | Guerssen

    Experimental jazz titan Pharoah Sanders made a lasting impact with his unorthodox approach to tenor saxophone. Born Farrell Sanders in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1940, he was given the nickname Pharoah by grandmother, in reference to the potential regal lineage of his African heritage. Playing...

    SANDERS, Pharoah - Live at Antibes (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • Pharoah - Thembi (Limited Edition) - ELEMENTAL MUSIC (LP) | Guerssen

    Recorded with two different ensembles, Thembi was a departure from the slowly developing, side-long, mantra-like grooves Pharoah Sanders had been pursuing for most of his solo career. It's musically all over the map but, even if it lacks the same consistency of mood as many of Sanders' previous...

    SANDERS, Pharoah - Thembi (Limited (...) - LP

    VAT included

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