• MAIA, Tim - Tim Maia - LP

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  • Tim - Racional Vol. 1 - SEROMA (LP) | Guerssen

    Tim Maia's fifth album released in 1975 on his own Seroma label. The lyrics are marked by his devotion to the "Rational Culture" and its religious-philosophical cult. Musically, in addition to the evident Brazilian influence, we can find some echoes of soul and funk from masters like Barry White,...

    MAIA, Tim - Racional Vol. 1 - LP

    VAT included
  • Tim - Racional Vol. 2 - SEROMA (LP) | Guerssen

    The rare second volume of Tim Maia's Racional album series from the 70s - even funkier and more harder-edged than the first! The record really follows the heavy soul influence that Tim had been hitting on his early 70s albums for Polydor - a strong dose of American funk and R&B, especially from the...

    MAIA, Tim - Racional Vol. 2 - LP

    VAT included
  • Tim - Racional Vol. 3 - SEROMA (LP) | Guerssen

    Just as Tim lived his life doing everything the hard way, so went the making of Racional Vol. 3. Only a handful of people knew about the existence of a rumored third volume of Rational recordings until 2007, when some songs appeared on a Brazilian blog, described as the lost Rational recordings,...

    MAIA, Tim - Racional Vol. 3 - LP

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  • Tim - Tim Maia (4th album) - SURVIVAL RESEARCH (LP) | Guerssen

    An icon of Brazilian popular music, Tim Maia was a musical polymath and prolific recording artist best known for introducing American soul to the Brazilian music scene, pioneering the sambalanço style by blending elements of soul, funk, rock, and samba. Maia recorded four self-titled albums for...

    MAIA, Tim - Tim Maia (4th (...) - LP

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