JOBIM, Antonio Carlos

  • Antonio Carlos - Wave (+CD) - LILITH (LP) | Guerssen

    Repress!! By the time this album was released, Antonio Carlos Jobim was already an international superstar. Having recently won a Grammy (1965) for "The Girl From Ipanema", by 1967 all the big name stars from up north were breaking down his door to work with the new "Gershwin of Brazil." In fact,...

    JOBIM, Antonio Carlos - Wave (+CD) - LP

    VAT included
  • Antonio Carlos - Stone flower - ENDLESS HAPPINESS (LP) | Guerssen

    Antônio Carlos Jobim was a primary force behind the evolution of bossa nova and his 6th studio release Stone Flower is an absolute classic. The album is emblematic of 70's bossa with it's seductive samba beat fused with elements of modern jazz provided by a star-studded supporting cast of Ron...

    JOBIM, Antonio Carlos - Stone flower - LP

    VAT included
  • Antonio Carlos - The Girl from Ipanema - JAZZ SAMBA (LP) | Guerssen

    Reissue of this classic Bossa Nova Album. Tracklist 1. Garota De Ipanema (The Girl From Ipanema) 2. Amor Em Paz (Once I Loved) 3. Agua De Beber 4. Vivo Sonhando (Dreamer) 5. O Morro Nao Tem Vez (Favela) 6. Insensatez (How Insensitive) 7. Corcovado (Quiet Nights) 8. Desafinado 9. Corcovado...

    JOBIM, Antonio Carlos - The Girl from (...) - LP

    VAT included

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