• Crystalline (also known as Axe) hailed from Northampton (home also of their mates Dark of "Dark Round The Edges" fame) and they were responsible for one of the holy grails of UK heavy-psych: a demo acetate of which only 12 copies were pressed back in 1970. Long tracks full of raw, fuzzed-out...

    CRYSTALLINE - Axe Music - LP

    VAT included
  • CD

    Axe (also known as Axe Music and Crystalline by the time they recorded their rare acetate) were an obscure British psych band leaded by acid-rock guitar player extraordinaire Tony Barford and graced by Vivienne Jones ethereal vocals.In 1970, they recorded a demo album of which only 12 copies were...

    CRYSTALLINE - Axe Music (CD) - CD

    VAT included

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