• Sandro - Fantabulous (Turquoise) - TRADING PLACES (LP) | Guerssen

    Roman saxophonist and clarinettist Sandro Brugnolini began his long recording career in the Junior Dixieland Gang in the early 1950s and came to greater prominence as chief composer in the Modern Jazz Gang, awarded best original composition for his 'Arpo' at Italy's National Jazz Festival in 1958....

    BRUGNOLINI, Sandro - Fantabulous (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • Sandro - L'uomo dagli occhiali a specchio (O.S.T) (Clear) - REDI EDIZIONI MUSICALI (LP) | Guerssen

    "L'uomo dagli occhiali a specchio" is a 1975 2-part thriller film directed for Rai Television by Mariano Foglietti, former collaborator of Dario Argento in "Quattro mosche di velluto grigio" (Four flies on grey velvet). The music composed by Sandro Brugnolini for the occasion are exceptional, and...

    BRUGNOLINI, Sandro - L’uomo dagli (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • Sandro - Superground - FOUR FLIES (LP) | Guerssen

    And what if the infamous UNDERGROUND and OVERGROUND albums had a third psychedelic chapter, still secret and unreleased until today? Yes, you heard correctly: this SUPERGROUND LP is sonically akin to the legendary pair for which composer Sandro Brugnolini will always shine worldwide, and ideally...

    BRUGNOLINI, Sandro - Superground - LP

    VAT included

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