• Often hailed as one the hard psych masterpieces to come out from Spain in the early 70's, "The Beginning Of The End" was the vinyl debut of Atila, a trio formed in 1973 by Eduardo Niebla -guitar- Joan Punyet -drums- y Francisco Ortega -keyboards-. Originally released in 1975 by the obscure New...

    ATILA - The beginning of (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • Hey, here's some great news : we have reached an agreement for the reissue in CD format of the glorious second LP by this killer Spanish hard prog psychedelic band !!! INTENCIÓN, the sensational second LP recorded by Atila, has never fetched the high amounts their debut album THE BEGINNING OF THE...

    ATILA - Intención (CD) - CD

    VAT included

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