• Los - A Gozar Salsomanos - VAMPI SOUL (LP) | Guerssen

    By 1974, salsa was taking Colombia by storm and so the directors of the INS label decided to create a band that would appeal to salsa fanatics and be able to compete with labels such as Discos Fuentes and Codiscos. Thus was born Los Afroins, an obscure, short-lived combo that would release two LPs...

    AFROINS, Los - A Gozar Salsomanos - LP

    VAT included
  • Los - Goza La Salsa - VAMPI SOUL (LP) | Guerssen

    Los Afroins was the flagship salsa band of the obscure but beloved INS label from Colombia. Their 1975 LP "Goza La Salsa" is just as hard to find as their first record, and contains 10 bright and sassy salsa dura treasures that light up the dance floor with their incessant rhythms, syncopated...

    AFROINS, Los - Goza La Salsa - LP

    VAT included

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